Rehabilitation of patients in neurology


Diseases and disorders of the nervous system in the peripheral part of it — it is approximately half of all diagnoses of the neurological sphere, which are diagnosed in the employable population. The same are the most frequent diagnoses:

In outpatient practices of polyclinics, these diagnoses are up to 3/4 of all neurological confirmed diseases;

High probability of disability (for the third group the probability is up to 3/5 of all neurology);

The main cause of most incidents is spine disease – osteochondrosis. The guarantee of a full-fledged rehabilitation is a complex approach to the process, where, along with traditional restorative treatment and physiotherapy, psycho-correction is needed, which should be applied from early diagnosis of the disease.

The construction of the rehabilitation process, applied to neurological patients, occurs on the basis of an integrated approach complicated by a number of factors that vary for each individual patient:




The entire process, conditionally, can be divided into 3 periods, which constitute the generally accepted standard of rehabilitation used in our country.

1. In order for the restoration to be more complete and effective, it is necessary to begin the rehabilitation process as early as possible.

2. Finding the cause-effect relationships between the period of the disease and the place, time and volume of rehabilitation procedures and treatment becomes the foundation of a purposeful phased restoration practice.

3. Compilation of various rehabilitation techniques.

4. Finding and restoring specific defects (symptoms).

5. The time interval of the rehabilitation process, depending on the complexity and extent of the damaging neurological factors.

Talking about the sequence rehabilitation process, it should be noted, that the first corresponds to the help:

1. Neurology;

2. Angioneurosurgery;

3. Angioneurology

To a later stage it is customary to refer an outpatient visit to a polyclinic, and in the last resort, a sanatorium-and-spa treatment is carried out.

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