Poloyko Alexander

Kinesitherapist. Head of the Department of Rehabilitation.

Kinesitherapist. Specialist of the highest category.

More than 15 years working in the area of physical rehabilitation. He is the author of methods for the rehabilitation of patients with stroke, craniocerebral trauma. He developed methods for the early rehabilitation of patients who underwent endoprosthetics of joints. Area of clinical and scientific interests: early rehabilitation of stroke patients using biomechanical orthoses; development of methods for complex, painless development of joint contractures in neurology and traumatology; non-surgical treatment of herniated spine.

Author of scientific publications on early rehabilitation in neurology.

For consultation please write to us : info@reabilitaciya.su

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Консультация: невролога, кинезитерапевта, логопеда, анестезиолога, реаниматолога, нейропсихолога. Проведение медицинских реабилитационных процедур.